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Project Sketch - An Online Competition for Project
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Project Sketch!
With the 5th season of Project Runway approaching on July 16th, the amateur fashion designer in all of us wants to get in on the action! So, we present to you a way to get in on the action!

Starting after the show (10 pm EST/9 pm CST) contestants can spend the next 3 days (So entries can be posted on Sunday night) sketching and fine tuning their entries. The entries can be scanned in and sent as an attachment to laclaussen @ sbcglobal (dot) net by 10 pm EST/9 pm CST. Then they will be posted in a poll by midnight central time for community members to vote on and then the results will be posted by the time the next episode airs.

Now, I best most of you are wondering what an entry entails. Well, here is an online sketch journal to get some ideas and remember it's not on how good of an artist you are, it's the concept, design, and innovation behind the designs. Make notes, explain accessories, and make the design as enticing as possible!

So! Pimp if possible and it does NOT have to be an elimination contest. That way it can be open to people who come in late in the game, or have been here since the first challenge! Individuals can win by a series of points for being in the top 5.

1st: 5 pts
2nd: 4 pts
3rd: 3 pts
4th: 2 pts
5th: 1 pt

Standings will be posted weekly and updated in the userinfo.

Use the html below to make an entry post to tell everyone who you are if you plan on entering!

Any Art Education?
Favorite PR Designer:
Favorite Designer(s):
Favorite medium/matrials to work with:
Anything else?

*No attacks on the artists themselves, if you don't like a particular piece be helpful not hurtful, constructive criticism is more helpful than blatant ripping.

*You cannot cut out pictures of dresses/clothing and use it as your own. if you want to use the color for magazines or pictures in a collage like way, feel free.

*The entries must be made by you! No stealing sketches!

*The entries can be anything made from paper; a drawing, a collage, a painting, anything involving paper and your hands making it. Sadly this knocks out photoshop drawings, unless you're going in to adjust levels, contrast, or fine tune.

*Entries must be emailed (or timestamped) prior to the deadline or they will not be considered in the voting, they will in the BEST OF THE REST that will be available in a large post of noncontest entries on the page.

*Any posting of an entry outside of the BEST OF THE REST or the VOTING/WINNERS post will be removed by the mod.

Any questions can be posted in a post/entry but must be relative to the community as in art supplies, ideas, or questions involving the show, we encourage the use of tags, cuts, and warnings of episode sensitive information.